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Frequent Questions
Answers to Questions You May Have Regarding EvaDress Patterns
~Pattern Policy:
EVERY PATTERN I SELL IS FOR INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY!  One is not permitted to buy patterns to produce garments to sell to others.  This is an industry standard and I will enforce my rights against any such infringement.
One is permitted to purchase a pattern and have it sent to a personal dressmaker or tailor in order for that professional to create the garment.
Additionally, aside from a long term international seller, I do not extend wholesale terms on my patterns.
Buying patterns and reproducing my patterns for any reason IS A VIOLATION OF MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS.  This too, is an industry standard and I will enforce my rights against any such infringement.
On this note, I have a word about the Silk Poppy patterns in the collection: The owner of Silk Poppy made her patterns available through me (in the collection they are stamped as such).  When she closed her business down in 2004, she wished her patterns to remain available to those interested.
~Web Site Policy:
ALL CONTENT ON MY WEB SITE IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED!  No one may use, reproduce, download or copy any content from this site unless premission has been obtained by me.  Please regard this basic information as it pertains to content protected on the World Wide Web: Here
~Pattern Sizes:
Unless noted otherwise, vintage patterns are based on a different set of measurements than today's pattern standards.  Refer to this page to see the breakdown of pattern sizes for bust, waist and hip measurements so you will know what vintage pattern size to buy.
Many multi-size patterns may not include a size you are looking for.  This is because as I have begun multi-sizing patterns, I have done my best to adhere to the original range of sizes in which the pattern was first manufactured.  If there is a size you would really like to have in a pattern that is currently not available, please e-mail me to the effect and depending on demand and my pattern schedule, I may be able to accommodate your request.
~Shipping Policies:
All orders are shipped via U.S. Postal Service.
Orders received by noon Eastern Time each Monday ship Tuesday and those received by Thursday noon Eastern Time ship Friday.
If you need expedited shipping arrangements, contact me BEFORE checking out online.  As of October 25, 2012, there is a mandatory $25 surcharge on ALL expedited orders.

Single patterns 1/2lb or under are shipped first class and single patterns over 1/2lb and multiple patterns are shipped via priority within the U.S.  I ship overseas.  International orders valued over $100 must be insured for shipping at customer's expense.  Such insurance can run $2.70 U.S. and up, depending on the value of the parcel.  I will advise international insurance rates when I receive your order.
~Pattern Format:
Patterns from pages with the heading 'REPRODUCTION' or 'MULTI-SIZE' are be printed in black line on lightweight bond paper.  They are durable enough to re-use several times.  Here is what a multi-size pattern looks like.
Patterns from a page headed 'Original Vintage Patterns' are original vintage patterns.
All patterns are complete with instructions and envelope art unless otherwise noted in the description.
~Payment Policies:
Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express, personal checks or money orders are accepted.  I now accept PayPal payments via request.
To order by mail, e-mail me indicating the patterns you wish to order and I will reply with the total with shipping.

Check and Money Order payments made out to EvaDress may be sent to:

P.O. Box 3108
Prescott, Arizona 86302

All checks from first-time customers are allowed 7 business days to clear before orders are shipped.
Regarding card transactions: Depending on your bank, you may see two transactions with 'Eva Dress' listed.  This most often occurs when I have to adjust order totals to reflect actual shipping costs upon processing the order.  You are not being billed for two amounts on one order!  You will see one transaction drop from your account statement after a few business days.
~Return Policy:
Per industry standard, patterns are not returnable.
~To Receive Updates via E-mail
Click here.  Your e-mail address or information about you is not submitted or sold to any other party for any reason.