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1862 Waist B60-S62

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B80-S62; 1862 Sheer (or not) Waist

8-piece pattern includes Perleine.  The lower potrion of the sweeping sleeves may be detachable as a jockey. 
Part of a Victorian series of patterns with, these patterns are according to today's sizing standards.  

3/8" seams are allowed.

Originally circulated March 24, 1862 in La Mode Illustrée; this is the latest from Paris! This Waist is especially intended for spring and summer dresses. It compliments skirts of light taffeta, or barége (a sheer of leno which is an open, gauzy weave). When made in printed chiffon, one wears the small square Pelerine over the Waist. For a more formal occasion, one wears the Waist without the Pelerine, but when cut in tulle or chiffon, it particularly suits young girls as formalwear.
The Waist buttons in the front and each seam of the Waist is boned. The armholes, seams and edges of the waist are trimmed with piping. The sleeve is composed of two loose sections, trimmed with two small rows of 1-1/2” bias or straight ruching, and attach to a flat (un-gathered) jockey (Lower Sleeve Section), which is also trimmed to match. All of the sleeve seams can be trimmed with a narrow, un-gathered wide lace when the dress is in printed chiffon, or simply hem the bottom of the sleeve when the dress is in taffeta. An under-WAIST is made from part of the pattern (as marked) when the Waist is made sheer.
The Pelerine is trimmed with narrow or wide lace when cut in printed chiffon to match the Waist and it is buttoned in front. When cut in taffeta or non-sheers, the Pelerine is finished with facings.
SUGGESTED FABRICS: Muslin, linen, faille, taffeta, tulle, berége, light or sheer wool, printed cottons, novelty or sheer cottons, chiffon.

The Civil War skirt IS NOT INCLUDED, but simple instructions are given to fashion one with yardage charts given.  The finished example shown is in silk/cotton sheer organdy.


Size set A fits 10-18 (32-1/2" to 40" bust, 25" to 32" waist, 34-1/2" to 42" hip).

Size set B fits 20-28 (42" to 50" bust, 34" to 44" waist, 44" to 53" hip).

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