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1862 Veste Figaro & Gilet (Spanish Jacket & Vest) or Sheer, C60-Veste

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C60-Veste; 1862 Veste Figaro (Spanish Jacket and Gilet)

11-piece pattern includes pieces for the jacket with two different sleeve styles and vest.
Part of a Victorian series of patterns with the former, these patterns are according to today's sizing standards.  3/8" seams are allowed.

Originally circulated July 18, 1862 in La Mode Illustrée; this is the latest from Paris!  The Veste Figaro is made in black if one wants it to go with a number of different skirts.  In that case, the gilet of the Veste Figaro will have to be in shades to match the skirt.  A belt is worn in fabrics to match the Figaro or in black velvet or taffeta.

Two sleeve options are given with this pattern: The drawing demonstrates the split sleeve and the other sleeve is closed halfway and widens at the elbow.  Either style of sleeve can serve for any dress.  The Figaro is not tucked in; it closes it only at the neck, and is otherwise left open and trimmed with beading.

The Figaro may even be made in white chiffon embroidered with white soutache.  In this case the bead trim is replaced by lace and a long, wide belt scarf is worn about the waist instead of a belt.  One wears under the vest (also of white chiffon) a blouse in flat and low-cut nainsook (blouse pattern not included).  The motif pattern is included to apply the soutache design, but you will have to enlarge it to accommodate sizes over 32" bust.

SUGGESTED FABRICS: For Gilet – Taffeta under all fabrics in the Figaro.  White chiffon under a white chiffon Figaro and a blouse of plain, white nainsook (pattern not included) worn under.  For Figaro – Velvet, piqué, Alpaca, Scottish cashmere or chiffon.   

The Civil War skirt IS NOT INCLUDED, but simple instructions are given to fashion one with yardage charts given.

3/8" seams are given.


Size set A fits 10-18 (30-1/2" to 38" bust, 23" to 30" waist, 34-1/2" to 40" hip).

Size set B fits 20-28 (40" to 46" bust, 32" to 39" waist, 42" to 48" hip).

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