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An EvaDress 'Advents-Kalendar' of RED! Day 17

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In a sort of Advents-Kalendar way, I will post 'red' for each day of December
through Christmas and link the image as closely as possible to EvaDress Patterns (in pattern tour form)!
Here is the seventeenth, not unlike red ganache, an 1880's corset per Anne Louise Avery on Twitter:
1880's Corset, Anne Louise Avery on Twitter
Sew the look using our 1886 Corset Pattern originally by La Mode Illustrée:
1886 Corset Pattern
One will note while the Spoon busk style was used particularly in this decade, this pattern, as does the extant example above clearly demonstrates usage of the straight steel busk. The Spoon Busk's significance was to 'better distribute' restriction in the bottom end in the corset while preventing excess flesh to collect on the figure below the corset's lower front end. How's that put, as a former intern architect?!  

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  • Alexandra Reynolds on

    Hi Julie,
    I learned the hook had to do with holding the bodice down or keeping skirt and petticoats in place, but I have also seen comments about it being in place to take the corset laces down so as not to interrupt the design lines of the garment worn over the corset.

  • Julie Jahn on

    So this is a terrifying question about the gorgeous corset—what is the large hook for on the front left side? I cannot figure this out!!

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