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An EvaDress 'Advents-Kalendar' of RED! Day 2

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An EvaDress 'Advents-Kalendar' of RED! Day 2

In a sort of Advents-Kalendar way, I will post 'red' for each day of December through Christmas and link the image as closely as possible to EvaDress Patterns (in pattern tour form) available in the shop! Here is the second if I could only wear a peppermint stick...1770's Robe D'Anglaise Detail Image per: Sew the look with the closest I have in patterns to this is the Crinoline Costume originally by DuBarry in 1939.  Instructions are given to wear it retroussée:  I like a retrospective of a previous era's retrospective and this is it in pattern form, to look at...

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