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Feb. 6 - Feb. 10 The Week in Patterning - 61, It's Been a While...

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but here is another hidden gem pattern!

In 2014, I started adding some single-size patterns I drafted long ago, but for whatever reason hadn't issued.  I call them 'Hidden Gems'.  This is one I pulled from the file drawer and digitally drafted for the set of Gilets, originally by Pictorial Review in the mid-1930's.


The reason I never put it out?  I simply did not make a color reproduction of the envelope art and it was missing a piece I had to create.  Thus, I offer it in black and white, also see last week's post on re-creating a missing pattern piece.  For the longest, I have preferred to get it in color, but I have been hard-pressed to find this pattern in original form since I sold mine in the late 90's!

Use just the jabot portion as a good addition to your vintage (or otherwise) capsule wardrobe concept to transform just about any blouse or dress!

Per Pictorial Review, 'Gilets for your new suits.  No. 1 is a straight, simple affair with a broad collar, a flattering jabot and a belt.  No. 2 poses an enormous bow under the chin (c'mon, what is MORE 1930's in fashion than that!), closes in the back and is held in place with a belt.  No. 3 closes in front under a frilly jabot, is finished with a narrow band collar and a belt.' 

Size fits up to 34" bust, but is easily modified to fit larger sizes, if desired.

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