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July 4 - July 8, The Week in Patterning - 29

Alexandra Reynolds

'Wrapped up' details on the 1927 McCall Wrap Skirt this week!

First, I have been asked by customers how the inside belt works in the waistband.  As you see in this overall view of the skirt, the belting is inserted in the main part of the skirt, only (that is, what goes around your waist just the one time).  The drape is fully attached, but considered an extension of the right skirt front (shown lined and without the white belting), so it needs no belting-click images for a larger view.

Overview of 1927 McCall Wrap Skirt

I Hong Kong-ed the seam allowances, yet I took a shortcut on the raw edge of the faced hem via seam binding tape.  

Other details highlight (clock-wise) the single bias facing finish at skirt right front top edge where it meets the belted waistband.  I 'completed the puzzle' by cutting the hem facing to match into the back of the Pendleton weave pattern.  The Hong Kong-ed finish (down left front edge) as it is obscured by the skirt lining and the change in hem finish on the right front skirt.  Lastly, I ran the hem facing out too far as I would like it to remain under the skirt lining, so I will change that.  However, this view gives a nice indication of how I finished the right skirt front with single bias facing and how it terminates into the skirt hem facing:







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