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May and June Winner in the monthly $25 gift certificate drawing to!

Alexandra Reynolds 1940's bias EvaDress Patterns

@Eliza.Cosmetics Instagram-posted her creation from pattern U40-4994, the 1944 Brassiere & Panties (pattern below).
 1944 Brassiere & Panties, U40-4994
She was chosen in the drawing and received the $25 gift certificate to for the month of May, then with the Instagram post she made the following month (featuring the pattern she picked up with her May winning certificate, The 1942 One-Yard Blouse), she was also randomly selected in the drawing for June!!
1942 One-Yard Blouse, B40-1811
Be sure to post your makes from EvaDress Patterns on Instagram and/or FaceBook by tagging (#EvaDressPatterns) and you will be automatically entered for a chance at a monthly drawing for $25 off at EvaDress Patterns!
There is no limit to the number of posts you make each month (gives more chances to win the drawing!).
1944 Brassiere and Panties, U40-4994
 1942 One-Yard Blouse, B40-1811

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