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Pattern Tour, 1933 Simplicity Ladies' Tuxedo, SE30-1210

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Simplicity marketed this pattern (1210) design in Summer of 1933 headlining it, 'Daytime and Evening Fashions of Cool Charm and Smart Line'.  It is one of the earliest street trouser patterns I have found for women:

As one from the Simplicity Three-Style pattern series (a 1930's take on the 'Capsule Wardrobe' concept, if you will), this ensemble includes the epaulette-shoulder blouse, wide leg trousers, vest and jacket with French cuffs. A piece for the Ascot-style scarf is not given, but dimensions and instructions for creating it are included.

Image Credit: Petit Main

Curiously, this ladies' Tuxedo was issued at a time when Simplicity released their pattern 1203 which includes a style of Ladies' Wedding Gown!  (Image above from Pinterest with credit to Petite Main.)

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