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Pattern Tour, B20-5760

Alexandra Reynolds 1920's blouse costume EvaDress Patterns Pattern Tour 1923 Middy Blouse B20-5760 

13-piece hand-drafted pattern originally by Butterick.  The embroidery motif for sleeve patch was not included with the original pattern I owned, so I created my own. You will have to, as well.

I don't normally post Pattern Tours for single-size patterns, but this one is exceptional for the fact that my dear Grandmother graduated from high school at the time this design was popular 99 years ago!

Just to stress that point, here is a photo of her in her high school basketball team in 1923! Were I showing this photo to you in person, I'd make you guess which one she is, as I STRONGLY resemble her, but I'll tell you here - she is the one in the top middle! The team coach has her hand on grandmother's left shoulder. 1923 Middy Blouse B20-5760 

Seeing her in this photo inspired me to create my version of the Middy Blouse from this pattern in 2002: 1923 Middy Blouse B20-5760 1923 Middy Blouse B20-5760 1923 Middy Blouse B20-5760

See the blog post 'Envelope Chemises, Step-ins, and Other Lingerie, 1924-25' (images 18 & 19), by Witness2Fashion about this Middy Blouse and the Knickers patterns.


Size 18 fits 36" bust, 30" waist, 39" hip. 

 Wear this blouse with my multi-size Knickers pattern, here!

Order this pattern through Tuesday, June 14, 2022 and get 10% off the paper pattern price!

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