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Pattern Tour Cos80-1887, 1887 Bat Crinoline

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1887 Bat Crinoline, Cos80-1887

21-piece pattern for the wings, corset bodice, flounced skirt, gloves, polonaise and fichu. 

5/8" seams are given.

This pattern does NOT include pieces for the crinoline or optional bustle pad. I have given recommendation in the yardage chart as to sourcing patterns for these parts. There are also no provisions for the bat headdress.
I have rated this pattern advanced as it is very technically challenging. Technical abilities are required in corsetry, mitering double or single bias binding, knife-pleating, armature, draping and glove-making.

Build this costume over our 1886 corset pattern offered separately, here.

See my blog series for construction details and photos beginning here.

Process of making gloves posted here.

1887 Bat Crinoline Cos80-1887

1887 Bat Crinoline Cos80-1887

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