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Sept. 19 - Sept. 23 The Week in Patterning - 40, Pattern Tour #B40-1867

Alexandra Reynolds 1940s B40-1867 EvaDress Patterns How To Pattern Tour The Week in Patterning Storyboard

A customer in Texas sent this original in so I could create a size for her, so this style is now also offered from my collection in multiple sizes (with two sizes per sheet).

Because I sized it up for her from the original size 20 (with 38" bust), it is now available from size 20/40 (38" to 40" bust) through 46/48 (for 46" &48" bust).  I anticipate taking it down to sizes 12/14 (30" to 32" bust) to include the sizes in between as well as to 52" bust.  I do not yet have a date scheduled for these additional sizes.

The blouse is as easy to care for as it is to sew!  Per the instructions, one can see how it 'launders flat' as shown in View 5 for easy ironing in your favorite cotton fabrics, for instance.

I refer to this style as a wrap blouse for the way it closes with ties at front which fasten at back.  The blouse is so-called poncho for the manner in which it is draped over the body-a simple rectangle, really with a hole for over the head.  This makes for a wonderful starter pattern to anyone newly introduced to sewing 1940's vintage with finishing techniques such as narrow hemming and double-bias binding.

Sensibly plain, yet attractive styles are had in views 1, 2 and 3 or dressed up a bit in views 4 and 5 with Simplicity's attitude of, 'why NOT a peplum in the front?!' (The very direction I will go when sewing this one up for myself in future!)

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  • vintagejoan on

    Love these, they seem real easy to sew too. Perfect for summer (about six months away for me now.). I will keep them in mind for summer sewing though.

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