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An EvaDress 'Advents-Kalendar' of RED! Day 3

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In a sort of Advents-Kalendar way, I will post 'red' for each day of December through Christmas and link the image as closely as possible to EvaDress Patterns (in pattern tour form) available in the shop!
Here is the third, forget Santa's coat (Sorry, Santa) this is incredible Art Deco Wrap inspiration-forget presents and be the present all wrapped up in this one!
1929 Evening Ensemble, per:
Sew the look using this is the Evening Wrap originally by McCall in 1929: 
1929 Art Deco Evening Wrap
Originally by McCall, this wrap can be embellished with flounces and back tie, or with such omitted, for a plainer look.
Below, you see what a New England customer did to fashion the wrap she made from this pattern in Halloween style.  She paired this wrap with the ever-popular 1929 Evening Frock, as an ensemble:
Art Deco Halloween Wrap
I have a Pinterest board full of Deco Wrap inspiration to glean more ideas for this pattern here:

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