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December Winner for $25 off at!

Alexandra Reynolds 1930's dress formal frock Monthly $25 gift certificate to Monthly drawing winner

The Authentic Vintage of Norma Williams FaceBook-posted her make from pattern D30-3288, the 1939 Frocks pattern. She was randomly chosen in the drawing to receive the $25 gift certificate to for the month of December. She nailed the entire Zeitgeist in her lovely vision-come-true of dress weight wool complete with vintage-y tinsel on the tree background!!

1939 Frocks D30-3288

1939 Frocks D30-3288

Be sure to post your makes from EvaDress Patterns on Instagram and/or FaceBook by tagging (#EvaDressPatterns) and you will be automatically entered for a chance at a monthly drawing for $25 off at EvaDress Patterns!

There is no limit to the number of posts you make each month (gives more chances to win the drawing!)

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