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La Petite Mode EvaDress Continues!

Alexandra Reynolds 1950's 1950's Vogue EvaDress Patterns evening evening gown formal gown La Petite Mode EvaDress

7 years ago this month, I first launched 'La Petite Mode EvaDress'. 

La Petite Mode EvaDress is a series of scale models sewn from EvaDress Patterns. The models demonstrate viable high fashion which was originally available to the home sewer of early-to mid-20th century via commercial patterns. 

I gleaned inspiration for this series from Le Théâtre de la Mode. As well, The House of Dior drew inspiration from the same exhibit in creating Le Petit Théâtre Dior.
La Petite Mode EvaDress models are based on just under half-size scale from vintage patterns which fit 36" bust, 30" waist and 39" hip.

You can read the original blog series here.

In response to a question I occasionally get, 'Do you have photos of finished garments from this pattern?' I set out to create some of these small models to demonstrate the patterns from which I do not have photos of finished garments.

The first model in my continuation of this series demonstrates the Modes Royale Pattern 1026, the 1951 Evening Gown: 1951 Evening Gown E50-1026 1951 Evening Gown E50-1026 1951 Evening Gown E50-1026 1951 Evening Gown E50-1026 1951 Evening Gown E50-1026

There are more to come, the next will be from a 1930's dress pattern, as I add a range of sizes to it!

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