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Mar. 13 - Mar. 17 The Week in Patterning - 66, Japanese Influence in Home Sewing Fashion

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From extreme isolationism to a newly industrialized nation, Japan was quickly becoming a modern society and a rising world power by the early 1900’s.  Western taste in fashion reflected the traditional dress of this ‘new-come nation’ and Butterick offered this Japanese kimono style for the home sewer (circa 1923): 

As shown at far right, an option is given implying more of a peignoir style of lounge wear, very popular of this time.  Also by Butterick, this is a peignoir style also referred to as a kimono (or Pullman Robe)!

Although these are both single size, hand-drafted patterns, they have both been more popular sellers lately.  So, I also made them available in my E-Pattern collection!

These styles are excellent for a vintage tea afternoon.

Here are a couple of extant examples of the Japanese Kimono dating to the early 20th century for inspiration.  An interesting note about lapping the front closure, the eastern original at left, is lapped left over right, where the western original (same year) is lapped right over left (via thekimonogallery at Tumblr):

1905 Kimono

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  • Vanessa on

    Interestingly left over right is the “right” way to wear a kimono. In Japan, the opposite (right over left) is only used for dressing the dead.

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