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Mar. 27 - Mar. 31 The Week in Patterning - 68, I am a Bias Junkie, Part II!

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Picking up where I left up in 'Bias Junkie Part I', it's often a better garment when cut on the bias.  Take McCall 9906, the 1938 Day or Dinner Dress:

McCall 9906, 1938 Day or Dinner Dress (EvaDress D30-9906)

The skirt is arranged on the fabric with grain.  It's fabulous already, right?!  Yet, I saw in it an opportunity so many of us dressmakers want - the potential to MAKE our own fabric!  As you may have seen in my blog 6 years ago, I set out to create my own ribbon gown using this pattern as I was inspired by an extant gown I bought in an antique shop in 2001 (clicking image will take you to my first posts):

Ribbon Frocks

The idea here being that the McCall frock is so very stunning with the skirt cut on the bias versus straight of grain.  Note: I did modify the original five-piece skirt into a four-piece skirt to accommodate two each skirts front and back cut on the bias in order to achieve the chevron effect with my stitched ribbon! 

Ribbon Frock Detail

 Ribbon Frocks (Back)

Coming soon, another look at vintage garments cut from what we now consider vintage patterns! 

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  • EvaDress on

    Thank you for asking, Brenda!
    I cover the process beginning here:

  • Brenda Cash on

    Now I just have to know how you made the ribbon ‘fabric’! It is so spectacular!

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