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Nov. 21 - Nov. 25 The Week in Patterning - 50, Everything is coming up Poppies!!

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I fashioned an apron from View B of my pattern A40-3250 (originally a 1945 Butterick).

I did so thinking that upon entering a vintage apron challenge that we had to actually sew from the apron pattern we were posting (this was not the case).  Understand that I was in the sewing challenge frame of mind at the time just having concluded my EvaDress Pattern Challenge.  Regardless, I have a fabulous apron in fabric I have been drawn to for a few months!

As I posted in the challenge:

'Had I been able to source the contrast fabric I wanted for the midriff, this would be the dress-up apron Butterick had intended.
So, I dressed it down by creating it all in one fabric and embellishing with rick-rack at the lower edge to define the midriff from the skirt!'

Image gives a little 'inside' of the facing application:








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