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Dec. 29 - Jan. 6 The Week in Patterning - 56, Raven Takes Flight this Year

Alexandra Reynolds 1930s Cos30-607 costume crinoline DuBarry 607 EvaDress Patterns raven The Week in Patterning Storyboard Vintage Patterns

I posted a couple weeks ago about developing the crinoline costume from a 1930's DuBarry original.  I am doing a raven version after modifying the pattern a bit for my purpose and will make a multi-size pattern of the original design late this summer.

I just finished the panniers to go under it and it is soon to unveil!  I wanted to give a word here about the process of building the panniers as there are no pieces for it included with the pattern.  Matter of fact, all DuBarry originally gave is a small crinoline to be worn at the waistline underneath the under and over-skirt, as shown:

As one sees in the original art, the silhouette of the costume is not particularly intended with panniers, but again for the purpose of my demonstrating a modification from this pattern, I HAD to do it!

I turned to Leimomi Oakes' The Dreamstress and her historically accurate method of creating double pocket panniers here.

 I did not pursue the panniers in correct historical construction as this is really a whimsical costume created from a vintage pattern, but I would like to create accurate cane panniers in future.  She does a fantastic job bringing you through the process.

I used hoop steel with cotton boning channels on a nice jacquard stripe sheet and I used boning tips at each end of my steels.

Before all Holiday goings-on kicked off in full force, I got the panniers rolling and funny enough, on New Year's Eve, a raven perched and called out from the branches outside my sliding door!  I found great meaning in it as this hasn't happened since the last time I worked on the raven version of my costume (5 years ago)!

Raven calls!

Shrouded in front of 'Raven's Tree' my version stands.  Stay tuned...

Raven takes flight soon!


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